Fabulous Tales

Loki’s Story

By Jerry Lapin

Loki's Story by Jerry LapinLoki was a special dog with a unique character, and we loved her for both her personality and her devotion. Most dogs are special to their families, and every dog is unique. They are not cats or hamsters or goldfish. Their devotion is what has made them so successful as pets and why we lavish so much attention, care and scarce resources on them.

Loki touched many people and brightened their lives. This book is about her remarkable warmth and personality that made us forget sometimes that she was a dog. Though short-haired and much smaller, she had something about her of the nurse-dog, "a prim newfoundland dog called Nana", in J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan.

This is Loki’s Story. (Coming soon.)

Coming soon!

Loki's Story: The Heartwarming Story of an Unwanted Dog Who Came to Spread Love and Joy to Everyone She Met.

A new ebook by Jerry Lapin.