Fabulous Tales

The King and the Calico

By Brooke Rousseau

Pompidou is a pampered Siamese, who lives in a luxury apartment with a view of the Eiffel Tower. But Pompidou, who fancies himself a King of sorts, has never been outside and yearns to see the city up close.

Suzette is a stray calico cat who sleeps outside and eats what she can scrounge.

The first ebook in a coming series,The King and the Paris, is the story of the growing friendship of this pair of unlikely companions as they visit the famous sights of Paris, City of Light (7 stories, 42 pages).

These 7 stories, in a pdf ebook, can be downloaded and read or printed out. They are suitable for reading to young children. They can also be read by young readers, who will enjoy the adventures of these Paris cats as they discover the great City of Light as tourists would see it. But they have more fun!

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Readers say...

“We read THE KING AND THE CALICO...IN PARIS as a family. What a fun way to bring the sites and sounds of Paris to life for my children! They kept asking when we could see these places like Suzette and ’The King’. Being a bilingual family, we also enjoyed the French expressions. Such a fun read. Hopefully there are more in the works.” --Tanya R., Bellegarde, Saskatchewan

Brooke Rousseau lived and worked in Paris and also attended the University of Paris - Sorbonne and Sciences Po. Now she teaches French in New York and returns to Paris periodically to show her family her favorite sites.