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Meet Brooke Rousseau

Story writer Brooke RousseauBrooke Rousseau is a gifted young American writer, who started writing stories in middle school. Now a mother, writer by night, and French teacher in her spare time, Brooke writes to make the exotic familiar. Driven by a fascination with other cultures and lucky enough to have traveled to and lived in many different places around the world, she loves giving children a peek into the exotic. She and her sons particularly love safari animals.

Brooke knows East Africa well, having lived for 2 1/2 years in Rwanda after the genocide, and she spent time in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. She also lived in Paris, where she worked as a receptionist in a software company, honing her French-speaking skills, and traveled extensively.

Brooke Rousseau - Animals of the AmazonIn addition to writing short stories for the youngest readers and listeners, Brooke also writes young adult novels and has just completed a series of non-fiction study books for a Korean publisher, including Amazing Animals of the Amazon.

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